The voice of the creative

By way of introduction

The creative portfolio, in addition to presenting his work, can also be a vehicle to express ideas and personal concepts through writing, and breathe a little more soul into them.
It is an additional opening on the person, to better define the artist.

As a designer I think writing can be beneficial to me. You have to go for it, having fun and with regularity, ease will come with time.

The aim is not to write a novel, intention takes precedence over quantity.
It can be a feedback on a product, a creative tip, an event, a reflection on a concept, a new project, or simply the pleasure of offering 🙂
Note that you can also use other media such as video or audio (podcasts, vlogs…).

Ultimately this brings benefits :

  • This exercise helps to formalize our ideas, and in the end it is a gain to better express and communicate.
  • Sharing our ideas, explaining our working methodologies, is useful to the community (much more than a simple display of visuals with succinct descriptions).
    This sharing is a richness and a source of inspiration for others, we are all inspired by what others do.

So, I opened my window, see you soon for new expressions and do not hesitate to make draught of air 🙂

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