May 1 Reboot

Reflection on creative challenges

When I finish writing these lines we are May 1, 2017, I just put online a new version of this portfolio, in perfect synchronization with the #May1Reboot event.

For the record, the #May1Reboot concept started on May 1st, 2000, the launch date chosen by a group of designers determined to compete with their graphic challenge idea. The goal is for everyone to update or create their portfolio and be ready for a collective upload on May 1st.

17 years later, this “tradition” still unites more and more designers (more than 3000 last year).
This annual and independent challenge is a whole community of designers who create in symbiosis for a moment of sharing and inspiration.

I appreciate this type of collective challenge which gives me a certain motivation, by setting a goal with a specific deadline. As a senior procrastinator, it is a good lever to effectively channel creative energy.

There are also other types of creative exercises on the web, such as the Daily UI Challenge. Here the concept is to realize an interface design every day. The theme is received by email in the morning, it remains to find a small slot in the day to design and then share on Dribbble, Twitter & Co.

This stimulates creativity on a variety of subjects that we may not have had the opportunity to work on.
I also participate, but without forcing myself to create once a day, the timing is too intense. I always try to have a parallel UX reflection, to go further than the purely visual exercise.

The community aspect of these challenges relayed on social networks adds a touch of creative pressure, a certain excitement, and promises assured visibility and feedback.

Maybe we’ll meet during a next challenge if that inspires you ? 🙂

Loiseau créatif - #May1Reboot


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