Me, Designer !

Vision of my job

In an internal seminar at my company, I recently had to intervene to present in a few words my job as a Designer.
With a little hindsight, here is a personal vision.


« As a Designer, I bring creative solutions to my clients and users.

The key is to adopt an empathic approach. Understand them to better understand their needs and help them formalize their ideas and expectations.

Ideation and design workshops, where I act as a guide, allow real and “human” data to be collected.
This material then allows me to model emotional experiences around creative interfaces.

To design is observe, analyze, and understand the world to bring him pleasure. »


Two questions were then put to me :

  • How to become a designer ?

Apart from the training or self-training course to acquire basic methodologies and mastery of tools, it is above all a passion, a need to create that is rooted in the depths of oneself. Then you just have to find the right media to express this creative broth.

It is also an attraction for the Arts, via all the media available in the universe, natural or digital.

It is vital for everyone to identify their vectors of inspiration.


  • How to convince a customer who already has a clear idea of what he wants ?

We return to the key starting point, attentive listening to better understand.

I also use the famous “five why rule” to go back to the source, identify the initial cause, and propose a better targeted alternative solution.

Obviously, it is necessary to justify the potential of each creative choice.

What also helps when dealing with wet characters is a calm and zen attitude, a good resistance to stress and the acceptance of all critics.
Because every critic brings to rest questions about our creative choices..

And if one believes that perfection does not exist, then yes one can always optimize to infinity.
We must position the cursor optimally in order to find the right balance between our satisfaction, that of the customer and the respect of reasonable deadlines.

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