Pimp my Brain – Juillet 2020

Pimp my Brain

Esprits créatifs, Designers & Makers, voici votre sélection mensuelle de ressources inspirantes, prenez une bonne dose de veille digitale !

Et hop, voilà votre condensé créatif de juillet, à consulter entre 2 plongeons pour les chanceux en vacances !

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UI/UX Design

Pixel-snapping in icon design
🇺🇸 Pixel-snapping in icon design

We all want our designs to display sharp on all platforms, for all our users. To achieve this goal for digital icons, a best practice has held the standard: it is recommended to pixel-fit or pixel-snap icons to sit precisely on a pixel grid. This means that all strokes and shapes snap to 1px increments and are positioned on the pixel.

Designers should care about SwiftUI
🇺🇸 Designers should care about SwiftUI

Every known prototyping tool that’s around has been able to survive because it offers unique value. Even though Xcode+SwiftUI is a full development environment, I wanted to compare them to some known prototyping platforms to see how they stack up.

Lights and Shadows
🇺🇸 Lights and Shadows

It’s hard to describe how paramount light is. Ultimately, it is the only thing we see. But just as important the presence of light is, so is its absence. To talk about light we have to start in darkness so let’s jump straight into it.

LoCoS - A language without letters
🇺🇸 LoCoS – A language without letters

Designer Yukio Ota has devoted his life to symbols, and in this fascinating overview Logo Design Love takes a look at LoCos, his international, written language made out of symbols that combine to represent concepts. It’s an essential read for any designer who creates, or works with icons.

Warp SVG
🇺🇸 Warp SVG

Warp, bend and distort your SVG files online!

Machine Learning + Design
🇺🇸 Machine Learning + Design

A collection of resources for intersection of design, user experience, machine learning and artificial intelligence


HANDZ, a 3D illustration library of various hand gestures, more than 320 combinations of hand out of the box!


Générateur de mentions légales pour WordPress
🇫🇷 Générateur de mentions légales pour WordPress

Voici un générateur conforme au RGPD, gratuit et sans inscription. Les mentions légales fournies se basent sur les recommandations du site officiel du service public. A tester !

Physical Computing

Monsieur Bidouille : Le système modulaire ultime
🇫🇷 Monsieur Bidouille : Le système modulaire ultime

Dans ce pilote de bidouille, un format dédié DIY avec des bout de vulga dedans ! Pour cet épisode, on va voir comment fabriquer un bras modulaire avec des profilés aluminium.

Arduino : Stockage en Flash SPI
🇫🇷 Arduino : Stockage en Flash SPI

Un tutoriel très complet pour utiliser des modules de mémoire Flash SPI sous Arduino afin de stocker vos données, et remplacer l’utilisation de cartes SD.

3D Printing

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Design Guidelines
🇺🇸 Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Design Guidelines

This tutorial is designed to give you a foundation of what to consider when designing and printing a part for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

Creality Ender 3 V2
🇫🇷 Creality Ender 3 V2

Le GüeroLoco effectue le montage et le test complet de la nouvelle version de la légendaire Ender 3.

Actu 3D #1 : De la viande et des tongs imprimées en 3D
🇫🇷 Actu 3D #1 : De la viande et des tongs imprimées en 3D

La jeune chaîne YouTube d’Abrège nous propose un nouveau format court, dynamique et instructif sur les nouveautés du secteur de l’impression 3D, et les réalisations des abonnés. Je vous invite à le suivre et l’encourager si ce domaine vous intéresse.

Selected Sites

👁  Raxo

RAXO is a digital agency based in New York City that focuses on creating Design That Moves.

Patrick HENG - Portfolio
👁  Patrick HENG – Portfolio

Portfolio of Patrick Heng, a creative developer with a keen interest in UI animation and WebGL experiments. Designed by Nicolas Loureiro.

👁  Hanzo

Hanzo is a Design & Engineering agency with an uncompromised commitment to quality and the generation of true value.

👁  Dunderville.se

Dunderville is your creative partner in film & animation. They offer brands and agencies concept-to-completion moving content for any channel. With focus on the anatomy of story they build tailor made teams for any type of production.

👁  The ROGER

Sports brand On Running and legendary tennis player Roger Federer invites you to an interactive, live event featuring a product launch and Q&A with Federer, to celebrate exactly 17 years since his first Wimbledon title. North Kingdom is the creative and technical partner for THE ROGER project.

👁  CreativeCrew

CreativeCrew is a partnership program for small studios by CreativePeople agency. Young companies and designers can get projects from large clients to their portfolio.

We are Büro
👁  We are Büro

We are a leading digital branding agency who believes that good work has a positive impact on your business. Blah, blah, blah.

At Home
👁  At Home

At Home is an effort to document this unprecedented moment in time; it’s a collection of stories from people around the world, designed to help us connect, empathize and support one another through this surreal, shared experience.

📷 wall experiment I – curves & eye-catching patterns

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