The Project

FUNCTION – Lead Designer UI, Co-conception UX


TIMING – 4 months – Launched in February 2016

TYPE – Responsive, Digital Branding

TOOLS – Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Invision

RED by SFR - Colors

In February 2016, to accompany the renewal of its brand, RED by SFR is launching new customizable offers to meet the needs of its customers, young ultra-connected urbanites, attentive to their budget, who want to choose and enjoy their digital content, with the best speed.
Visually, RED by SFR has a new look and unveils its new brand universe: a change of colour, a redesigned logo and new green and refined graphic codes to embody a brand that is always more innovative, dynamic, 100% digital and close to its native digital customers.
The bases of the new design system being partly pre-established (colors, logo, typography, pictos, patterns), it is time to create the associated website and its digital codes.

UX, UI and Code in parallel

The short lead times for this large-scale project, as well as the ambitious expectations in terms of innovation, forced us to work on a just-in-time basis from start to finish, managing design and integration in parallel.

A strategic part of the design (redesign of offers and user paths) is carried out upstream by two UX Designers.

I then intervene to pre-frame some key aspects of the project (global vision of layouts, responsive thinking, targeted people, technical constraints…) that will guide my creative research.

This is followed by an inspirational bench phase and a study of trends, always in projection towards our target. Numerous collaborative exchange points make it possible to quickly converge towards a functional concept.

The web design phase can begin. From the first page validated, its integration is launched.

Technical points are frequently organized with integrators to validate the viability of desired interactions, responsive behaviors, but also to gather other good ideas.


A beautiful construction game !


Here is an overview of the different modules that have been designed :

  • Homepage templates and sub-level pages
  • “Configurator” module to build your personalized offer
  • A catalogue of mobile phones, with filtering, stock management, descriptions
  • An authentication part and the associated customer management (order tracking…)
  • A search engine and its results page
  • An eligibility test module and an online help chat module
  • Pictos design

A Photoshop document of Digital Guidelines is created and enriched on a daily basis.

Interaction assets and some pictos have been included in a typography.



A rich and intense adventure


Here is a project as I like them, with creativity, responsiveness, many exchanges on different tables (design, design, ergonomics, interactions, integration). Not to mention a good dose of controlled pressure, but that’s when my neurons are at their peak.

Also the project group concerned, on a human scale, allowed to have a very reactive flow of creation-validation-production.

After the launching, the positive returns were numerous, the bet was won, a fluid and functional website, innovative and modern, what else ?